Friday, November 16, 2012

These days it seems that everyone has a high definition, wired for everything, giant flat screen t.v. With so many new ways to use your entertainment box, such as Netflix and Xbox, it is hard not to make your media center the focal center of the room. So why not do it? Turn a room into a dedicated movie room with a few stylish touches and a great lighting design. This room will become your most popular one in the house with some easy changes that are sure to bring happiness to the whole clan.
Keep the room dark, making your eyes adjust to different levels of lighting can be harsh on your eyes and create glares. Choose lighting that minimizes these glares, such as with recessed lighting that shines away from sitting areas. Perimeter lighting also creates a wonderful glow that is easy to adapt to and allows for enhanced safety as family is piling out of the room. Wall sconces also add a wonderful design element to the room and if placed behind the main seating area it can create a warm glow that is easy for everyone to enjoy. Enjoy your movie night.

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