Thursday, November 8, 2012

Direct Lighting vs. Indirect Lighting

When designing a space, you can easily be overcome with all the information available telling you to do this or that. Simplify with easy design steps that are easy to follow and that can make a huge impact on the overall effect of the lighting in the room. The most important step in designing the lighting in a room is choosing where you need direct or indirect lighting. Direct lighting provides a strong illumination in a particular area. This type of lighting is great for kitchens and other areas where you are performing tasks, but beware of the sharp shadows and highlights they can create. So be mindful of the placement of lighting to prevent a chiaroscuro style from developing. 
Indirect lighting has always been more forgiving. This type of lighting is used to illuminate surrounding areas and give a soft glow. Mixing this type of lighting with direct lighting helps prevent excessive brightness and contrast. Find the middle ground for you with a blend of both those types of lighting to provide you with the effect that you are looking for. 

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  1. Thanks for giving the difference between the direct lighting and indirect lighting. Very helpful work.