Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bulb Safety

Fluorescent light bulbs can be very dangerous to handle. Most of these bulbs contain around 5 mg of mercury vapor within them. Mercury in any form is toxic and if you are exposed to it, you may be subject to some severe side effects. Neuromuscular changes, nerve response changes, and even death have been seen to happen due to exposure. Stay safe by applying some easy household rules in case of a mercury accident.
If you find that a bulb is no longer needed or is no longer usable, recycle. Take it to a recycling facility that knows how to properly dispose of these bulbs and reduce the risk of mercury exposure. Another important tip to remember is that they should be kept away from children, let your children know that these bulbs are only to be used/changed by adults. If a bulb does break or begin to leak, immediately open a window and quickly vacate outdoors for at least fifteen minutes. Then use a wet rag to clean up the broken bulb. Stay safe with easy tips that will keep you and your family safe.    

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