Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Simply Brilliant

Be brilliant with some easy, cost-effective tips that will help reduce both your lighting costs and lighting usage. Go beyond energy efficient bulbs. Yes these bulbs are wonderful and have truly revolutionized lighting, but there are also additional ways for you to keep your home energy efficient. The first tip is to reduce the wattage in specific rooms. Choose bulbs that have lower wattage for rooms that do not have to be sunshine bright and discover the fun in creating mood lighting. The second tip is to use a lamp. This not only creates focused lighting for whatever tasks you may have at hand, but it can create great ambiance. Another tip to save some of that hard earned money and get your lion's share of vitamin D is to open up those curtains and get some natural lighting. Make use of every window, even if it is not the best view. Be brilliant with some money saving tips that aim at saving money and electrical usage. Check out the video below for some more great ideas!

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