Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So Shady

Lamp shades do more than just add pizzazz to your room, they also change the look of the light itself. Shades come in just about every color, shape, and texture you can think of. So plan out the effect you would like this fixture to give off in your soon to be fabulous room. Thinner textured shades, some made from natural plant fibers, give off a warm light that not only shines from underneath the shade, but also through it. Other shades, such as those in dark hues, create a more funneled lighting effect that is more severe and contemporary.
With so many styles to choose from, it will be hard to not change the look of your room every week. Burlap lamp shades create a look that is both natural, yet chic. Be creative and discover the many lamp shades available. With such a plethora of products available, it is important to have a strong sense of what room design you have in mind.

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