Friday, November 30, 2012

Picture This

If you find yourself looking at photos of yourself and shuddering at your frightfully pale face or dark features, it may be time to learn how to use lighting to your advantage while taking pictures. Many people have strikingly beautiful friends who just do not have good pictures. Lighting can help you capture that one awesome picture they have been yearning for.
One tip for the best lighting is to remember that natural lighting makes for the best photos. If you live in a rainy area that is always gloomy and dark, mimic the bright sun with a low-level bulb that provides brightness without a harsh glare. In low light conditions it is best to turn off your camera's flash. The flash washes out all of the rich colors and leaves you with the pale zombie look. Practice at home with your camera's settings and using different lamps or bulbs to make the perfect setting for photos. Have fun at your photo shoot!

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