Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Slow Spin

Like any other appliance in your home, ceiling fans wear out and eventually have to be replaced. What does it mean that it is broken? It means that it is beyond repair. Some ceiling fans can be fixed with a few minor internal replacements or some service. How can you tell if it is time to hit the stores for that fixture you have been keeping your eye on?
First check for electrical problems if the fan does not turn on or if the fan doesn't make any noise at all. Another sign that your fan's fate may aligned with bulk trash pickup is if it's emitting a burning smell. This is most likely is a sign that the motor and/or ball bearings have been damaged beyond repair. If your fan is wobbly or is making an odd noise as it spins, it might simply have to be balanced. Like any other appliance, ceiling fans need to be maintained. Call a technician or read your original manuals (if you have them) to service and lengthen the life of your much needed fixture.

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