Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cozy and Warm

Cozy and warm is how everyone wants to stay now that the weather has turned cooler. Armed with fuzzy socks and a throw blanket, we all expect a chill this time of year. One easy way to maintain your warm and comfortable feeling year round without having to lug around all sorts of warming gear is simply by firing up the old chimney. The perfect place to lounge in front of and bask in its heat, a chimney brings on the holiday season like nothing else. More than just a place to hang stockings, it is the ultimate winter home accessory.
Maintain your level of comfort and keep safe with a fireplace screen. Perfect for guarding your carpet from sparks and a wonderful accessory for any room, a fireplace screen comes in vintage styles that evoke images of the traditional homes of the last century. Find one that suits your home!

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