Friday, November 23, 2012

All Work and No Play

All work and no play can zap you of every ounce of energy you may have. Let's face it, being a serious and responsible working adult is exhausting. Stuck inside for most of the day and living off too much coffee can make you feel like you need to nap through next week. How to wake up up and give yourself a kick without the Red Bull? Brighten up the lighting around you. Turn on those lamps and scare those dark shadows from your cubicles and from under your eyes.
Bright lighting has been known to give people that extra oomph to get them through the day. Regardless if your light source is artificial or coming directly from the happy sun, we need lighting to give us energy. So brighten up your office space with an easy lamp that you brought from home or have someone finally change out the bulbs over your desk. Either way get your energy levels up with brighter light that is sure to get you moving again.

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