Friday, October 12, 2012

Time To Go Batty

Pumpkins, candy corn, and oh yes...scary decorations! It is that wonderful time of the year where for one night we can all act a little silly and show off our spooky decoration skills. Make your home the one all the kids and adults look forward to visiting with simple decoration ideas that will give everyone goosebumps. Lighting can make a house go from ranch style to haunted mansion quite easily. With the use of colored lights you can highlight your spooky decorations and really make them pop. Pick up some fake spiderwebs and pepper them with creepy insects. Then aim a black light at them to make them seem right out of a scary movie. 

Colored lights can also provide a surreal hue. Change out your existing outdoor lighting fixtures with bulbs in shades of green and if you are really into this season, add a fog machine. You will instantly transform your yard into an eerie ghost land that will even have the parents shaking. So have some fun this Halloween and get decorating with some fun lighting ideas.  

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