Thursday, October 11, 2012

Don't Hate. Renovate!

Renovating can be fun! No really. Think of it as fun weekend task that you can do with your loved one, it's like cleaning but with longer lasting results. Now that the weather is getting cooler it is easier to do all those wonderful projects you have stockpiled in your to-do bank. One renovation that is always "fun" is making over your dining room table. It happens, you buy a brand spanking new table that you love and a couple of years into ownership it is stained with remnants of old dinners and rogue crayons. Refinishing a table is an inexpensive way (and great way to recycle) to get the look you want without shelving out the cost of a new one. Check out the video below for an instructional guide on how to achieve the look you want.
After all is done rejoice in your dining room look and spotlight it with a wonderful new ceiling light to make your "new" table really shine.

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