Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recycled Art

Looking to spice up your home or office with a bit of art, but can not seem to find the right piece? When in doubt, make it yourself. Recycle a unique piece of wood or print and make it your very own. Not only will your friends think you are super creative, you will also be doing something green. One creative idea that seems to be on the rise is to recycle old wooden doors. Finding a door to salvage is a unique experience. Sometimes they can be found in antique shops or even at the Goodwill, finding it is part of the fun! 

No matter how beat up or how ornate the carvings may be, finding something that is beautiful to you is most definitely a treasure. So go hunting for a piece that makes you happy, whether at an art gallery or hidden in the back of an antique store. Then light it up with a simple spotlight to showcase your treasure! 

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