Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Help Plants Grow

Lighting is essential to your plants, so when the winter months begin to take hold of those precious hours of sunlight it is time to up the ante for your household plants. It can be difficult to provide enough lighting due to seasonal changes or lack of window space, but there are a variety of bulbs that provide the right lighting depending on the type of plant. 

For vines and ferns, incandescent lights work best. These bulbs not only light up the room, they are great for plants with low lighting requirements. Fluorescent lights are great for plants with low to medium lighting requirements. These plants are generally culinary herbs, orchids, etc. These bulbs are also great if you are planting an indoor vegetable plant to supplement your morning omelettes. With their more powerful lighting you can actually mimic the sunlight quite well. So if playing classical music is not making your plant happy, consider its lighting to help it achieve the results you are looking for. 

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