Thursday, October 25, 2012

Keeping It Real - Real Bright

Just how bright should you keep the rooms in your house? Some may want to keep their living room very dim to hide the influx of toy soldiers that have taken over the room, but is this the correct thing to do? Most people have a tendency to prefer a very bright room, as it allows our brains to work at a higher level. By having a room brightly illuminated, the light easily reaches our eyes making things easier to make out and see. Most people prefer to have a dim bedroom, which provides a calming mood for sleep time. Though at times, such as when you clean it is best to have bright lighting. Lighting for bedrooms and living areas therefore are best maintained with a dimmer switch. This way you can control the level of lighting necessary for your individual needs.
Another way to maintain different levels of brightness in a room is to use layered lighting. Instead of having one blaring light in a room, use lamps and task lighting to provide options. This way you won't burn out your eyes each time you sneak into the kitchen for leftovers.

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