Friday, October 26, 2012

A Well Lit Bath

A bathroom is most people's first stop in the morning and last one at night. In the morning, as we all rush to get ready for work and try to look our best, we need bright light. In the morning, bright white light wakens us up and tries to refresh us. By bedtime we all want the opposite of bright, awakening light. Soft lighting can produce a spa-like mood which is nice and calming. This is perfect for that much needed relaxation at the end our day. A dimmer switch is an important element for the bathroom that is sometimes overlooked for this room. The switch allows you choose the best lighting for the moment.
Create an inviting space that is well illuminated, but that can accommodate your individual needs. If you are lucky enough to have a soaking tub in your restroom, it might be a great place to add an individual lighting element directly above. This not only gives you lighting for when you decide to get some reading done in the tub, but it provides additional safety so that you do not slip on any wet surfaces.

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