Friday, October 19, 2012

Kitchen Islands Done Right

Pendant lights get all the glory when in comes to adding design elements to your kitchen. Hovered over your kitchen island, pendant lights can make or break a design. Don't get stuck with pendant lights that are an eyesore and that will further deter you from cooking. When it comes time to choose which fixtures you should choose you should ask yourself how many fixtures make sense, how big they should be in proportion to the room, and how high they should be hung.
The first thing one must do when planning to use pendant lights is to follow the Rule of Three. Essentially, this rule states that in order for a look to achieve balance it must be repeated three times. Three pendants on a single plane usually do the trick. The second tip is about how high a pendant should be hung. Generally, a pendant's bottom rim should be 60 to 66 inches from the floor. This is an average number as people's heights and the design of the element should be taken into consideration. The third tip is regarding the size of the pendants. It is important to choose pendants that do not detract from the overall design of the room because of their size. Choose pendants that as a group make a statement. Choose your pendant lighting fixtures wisely with these great tips!

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