Thursday, October 4, 2012

Space Savers

Wall sconces are wonderful additions to any home. Whether modern or antique inspired, these lighting fixtures are a great way to light up a room when you are short on space. Using these sconces in your bedroom to frame your bed creates a romantic, yet sleek design that provides more than just functional illumination. Wall sconces allow you to also have more room on your night stands. Without a bulky table lamp taking up so much space, you can easily display a vase of fresh flowers or some sort of decorative element.
Lighting fixtures, such as wall sconces, provides a decorative touch to any room. Whether you are trying to simply bring some light into a dark corner of a room or hallway or simply trying to use it as a reading lamp, wall sconces instantly perk up any room. Check out the video below for some more ideas on how to use wall sconces in your home!

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