Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Bigger the Better

When it comes to outdoor lighting, choosing lighting fixtures that are too small can be problematic. You want your guests to approach your home feeling at ease and not like they might be approaching a haunted house, unless you purposely decorated that way. For safety reasons alone adding larger lighting fixtures can help you thwart off any would be robbers and it will help you feel assured that all is clear.
A well lit home is an inviting feature that anyone can take advantage of. It is possible to add too much light though, the point of outdoor lighting is to make your home look inviting. A soft and warm glow is what you should aim for. When choosing the actual lighting fixture to be added to your home, remember that the fixture looks a lot bigger in the showroom than it will on your house. Watch the video below and learn some great tips on choosing outdoor lighting fixtures!

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