Thursday, December 13, 2012

Slight Light

We all have those friends who just have everything so perfectly put together. They have a doting partner, amazingly clean looking kids, new shiny cars and a house the glows...Glows! In the next couple of weeks as you get barraged by holiday parties and cheese balls, notice the differences in lighting used during festive occasions. Having all lights on makes everything look too stark and makes your guest's evening make-up look clownish. Having a home that is too dark rewards you with safety hazards and the inability for anyone to see your facial expressions while they are talking to you...which may be a good thing depending on who did the cooking.
To achieve the glow or to get started on working toward that glow you must play with your lighting. Try turning off your main ceiling light and illuminating simply with lamps and low lights. Make sure that your home is bright enough  that everyone can make out exits and walkways clearly. After that level of light has been established, let your creativity loose. Add a cluster of candles to brighten up a sitting area or turn on a Tiffany lamp to throw colorful hues around the room. Have fun!

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