Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bare Bones Lighting

We have all come across them recently, those monstrous clear bulbs with the lightning rod of fiery light inside of them. From the Home Depot to the latest design magazines these bulbs are the "new" vintage look to hit the streets. With their bare bones look, usually without any sort of fixture to balance it out, they are lighting design's take on edginess. Great as an accent piece and as something that adds a whole lot of character to any space, they are not meant to be the main light source for any room. 
Unique and fun, they offer an artistic element in a small design. Look beyond the dazzling light and make sure that when you add this element to your room, that you already have layered lighting working in your favor. Make sure that the lighting used in your room is functional for all tasks and then you can add some of these dazzling light fixtures to make the room's character really pop. 

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