Friday, December 14, 2012

Ergonomically Correct

Sitting at a desk for hours upon hours is where a lot of the human race spends their days. Hunched over and typing away, our bodies frozen in the same unnatural position, it would make our ancestors wonder if we were mad. Now that we all are becoming slightly more aware of the need to have proper chairs to help us control our posture and the need to have desks at an appropriate height for our individual needs, it has come to light that perhaps we should take note of the lighting that we use. 
We do not all have perfect vision and even if we did our eyes get tired from staring at the computer box all day. We need appropriate lighting to minimize eye strain and headaches. Lamps allow you to brighten up the area you are specifically working in. This lessens your need to move closer to what you are looking at and therefore eases possible back pain created by bad posture. Treat yourself well with products made to make your life healthier!

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