Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Night Light, Bright Light

Kids (and sometimes adults) can be scared of the dark. No matter that the kids are nodding off while brushing their teeth, as soon as you switch off the lights instant pandemonium breaks loose in their minds. Monsters hiding in the close and toe-grabbing animals hiding under the bed are all waiting to get them as soon as the room goes pitch black.
What people need to fight this battle of imaginary monsters vs. the sleepy children is not a samurai sword as the kids have suggested, instead a more effective and safer weapon is needed...a nightlight. Convenient and easy to to stick in an electrical plug or install as a sconce, a nightlight provides a low glow that is easy to sleep with and that keeps impending monsters at bay. If you have an infiltration of monsters in your home, pick these up and enjoy sleeping again.

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