Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lighting Up Your Life

Seasons greetings to all those wonderful people who devote so much time to decorating their homes and offices for the holidays! With twinkling lights and inflatable reindeers accessorizing our lawns, it is obvious that we are waist deep into the holiday season. This year has seen many trends in lighting, but as is true with most fads the classics are always the best. When planning where to place lights around your home it can be fun to add one or two artistic lighting elements to give your room some personality.
The main lighting in a home though should maintain a classic look. A look that is sharp and provides you with what you really need....functional lighting. Lighting that provides you with task appropriate illumination and lighting that provides an overall glow is a necessity. So this coming year after all of our Santa decorations are put away, consider changing up your design to give you the best and most functional design for you.

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