Thursday, December 6, 2012

Design On a Dime or Maybe Just a Nickel

If you ever feel that surge of need to redo your home's style or if you decide to finally give it some style, this do-it-yourself is for you. With the upcoming new year just weeks away, we are all primed for a better, brighter new year that hopefully has some great big changes in store for us. Since those changes have yet to take place and we are still on our normal penny-pinching path, here are some ways to shake things up and finally lose that 1980's decor that has been haunting your home for much too long.

The first and most impressive bang for your buck comes through the use of paint. Cover up that boring color with something fresh and new. It will bring you instant gratification. Another easy way to transform your home's look is by revamping the fixtures that you already have. Some lights may look vintage, others just old and on their last leg. Change their style with new lamp shades in modern designs or get new and improved pendants light covers that show off your fashion sense. Good design does not have to cost a fortune, so start experimenting with new looks. It will be worth it!

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