Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Getting one's table ready for company is an art. Watching your guests take in the lovely decor that you have so painstakingly pieced together is a great way to start any event. One particular mood-setting accessory that really sets the stage for any event is a candle. Under its warm glow, your beautiful place settings are bound to get you praise. Candle holders come in a multitude of designs. Some are for single candles, while others allow for a long or tall stretch of them. A candelabrum is basically a fixture in which multiple candles can be held. These were once routinely used to illuminate rooms before electricity. Nowadays, thankfully due to electricity, we only have to use them for decoration. So lower the lights and set the candles aglow for a dinner party that everyone will be talking about.
Grace your holiday table with sophisticated designs that add mood lighting to any space. Find candle holders in a long design and use as your Thanksgiving dinner centerpiece. Add some decorative touches around it, such as small pumpkins or autumn foliage and set a table worthy of your family's famous apple pie. 

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