Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Big Design for Large Spaces

If you find yourself with a space in your home that just seems impossible to give character to because of its size, it might be time to think of large accessories for it. Larger items, whether it is a large lighting fixture or an over-sized painting, can instantly transform a room from boring to fabulous. With a large lighting fixture, such as a chandelier, you can have people's eye move upwards. This not only draws them toward a high ceiling or architectural touch, but it can create that look of substance your room might have been lacking.
Large paintings cover a large expanse of wall space with color and design. Some paintings are available as multiple panels which covers an even greater surface area than a typically sized painting. Some prints are also available in that design. So if you find a space in your home that you are unsure what to do with, consider a work of art or a print. Large scale and with a design that matches your style, it is a sure way to make the best use of a large space.

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