Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Art for the Young at Heart

Decorating your home does not have to be boring! Your home will be that home you have always dreamed of....in due time. So take a deep breath and be okay with the idea that decor is a journey and not a quick stop to your local mega-mart. A home is a representation of yourself. So if you are an avid traveler, be sure to pick up some lovely mementos of your journey to add to your home's flair. If you are someone who frequents local music events, perhaps an enlarged photograph of a vintage concert is more up your alley. Allow your home to slowly take shape so that it can truly have all the details and charm that you want to be surrounded by.
A great way to add individual spice to your home is with art. Art does not have to be stodgy or chock full of pastels. There are plenty of alternative art pieces that speak as loudly and uniquely as you do. So keep your eye out for accessories that make your heart skip a beat and build your personal gallery at home.

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