Friday, September 21, 2012

Bringing the Bling

The new Swarovski lighting collections....are amazing. How can anyone not love glittery crystals that wink at you in the light? These decadent lighting fixtures make me want to design a room around them. With their sultry designs and elegant dark shades these pendants are perfectly made to romanticize any room. The pendants also come with interchangeable skirts to provide an ever-surprising living installation in your home.
With the ability to change the skirts to portray different colored crystals you can change the overall hue and feeling of your room. With wonderful rose hued crystals one can bask in the romantic glow that sparkles like a Parisian sky or with the lovely topaz crystals the deepest blue reminiscent of the ocean can sparkle in your home. Discover the newest collection of Swarovski lights and bring some glittery charm into your home. 

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