Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lighten Up With Outdoor Lamps

As days become shorter it is becoming noticeably darker in the mornings. So while we fumble for our keys to leave the house in the morning (pre-coffee) it is so simple to run into that door that's been there since you bought the place. Save yourself a trip to the ER and get some outdoor posts to illuminate your outside walkways and driveways. These classic posts come in a variety of styles and best of all can be used with a timer. 

So when you get ready to fall back an hour in November, be prepared. A timer can be set on most lights and is very easy to set up. Inexpensive and easy to use, they not only make sure that your lighting is on when you need it the most, but they are also a great safety feature. Having lights on a timer when you are out of town or simply away for a few hours has been shown to effectively thwart possible robberies. So keep safe by making sure you have abundant effective lighting. Watch the video below and learn how to use a light timer! 

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