Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jump Start Your Fall Decor

With only a couple of weeks until the official start of Autumn stores are beginning to fill up their shelves with products in all those wonderful shades reminiscent of the turning leaves. Fiery orange, golden yellow, and shades of Merlot easily transform any space into a fall time winderland. Color is an inexpensive and easy do-it-yourself project that anyone can take on. Get inspired by the outdoors and by accessories available. Find a piece, whether a recently fallen leaf off a maple tree or a jewel toned accessory from your favorite local shop, and build a design around it.
With the proper lighting, any color that you choose to slather on your walls will give off that lustrous appearance that you were aiming for. One thing to remember is to be careful with lighting fixtures and the shades that they have. If you have a fixture that has yellow shades it will most likely give off a yellow hue. This hue will change the way your perceive the color in the room, thus making that lovely ocean blue you so meticulously debated over... a light shade of green. So decorate wisely and enjoy hunting for those lovely fall time colors!

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