Friday, August 3, 2012

Turn Up the Romance

Mood lighting is essential to any home. Temper the end of your workday with a light that reflects your mood...mellow. Having a proper light dimmer set up with lighting fixtures can create the effect you are looking for. Whether you are in the mood to entertain, read, or relax an appropriate level of lighting is needed. Make your home inviting with skillful application that can alter the experience of your guests. To provide a more elegant effect do not simply rely on overhead lighting to illuminate your space, small sources of light provide a very welcoming effect. Higher levels of light generally produce cheerful effects and stimulate people to be more active.

Lower levels of light create an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. Lamps in bedrooms should exude an adjustable low level of illumination to create a quiet mood. Find the lighting fixtures that work for you and create the right mood for yourself.

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