Friday, August 10, 2012

Lighting Strips

Have an area in your home that you would like to highlight, but that your main lighting source just cannot reach? Lighting strips are discreet strips of LED's that produce a warm glow. Fabulous for those hard to reach places, such as over tall cabinets or weaved through your outdoor garden. Weave some of this mysterious glow into your home and see what kind of effect you can create. 
There are so many uses for this type of lighting, such as bar top lighting, TV back lighting, display case lighting, etc. Your creativity knows no end with this easy to install and easy to place strip. This strip is dimmable and also has a remote-control to switch from that warm white glow to a rainbow of colors for you to enjoy. Spice it up with lighting strips and see how this specialty light can brighten up your home. Watch the video below and see why using LED's as your lighting source is such a great choice!

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