Friday, August 24, 2012

Pier Lamps

Pier lamps have gone far too long without praise. Used to add light to outdoor spaces and patios, they have a tendency to require only low voltage lights. This makes it easy for them to be installed further from your home and main electrical source. Extremely durable and weather resistant, these lamps will look like new for years to come, despite the harshest of climates.
Not only will these lights provide you with that warm summer glow, perfect for BBQ's and outdoor fiestas, they also provide security. Let the light reach those dark and mysterious corners of your backyard to ensure that you will not have to set the chihuahuas loose on a burglar...yet. If you live in a tropical area, ensure that the lamp that you will install is certified to be in a wet location. Check out the selections available to you and have some fun decorating your outdoor area!

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