Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Trick of The Eye

Mirrors can make any room look much larger which is great for when you have a property in a great location, but only a couple hundred square of living space. There are a couple of secrets to proper placement   of mirrors to make your home look roomier. The first trick is to place a mirror behind a light source. Whether its behind a candle, pendant light or lamp it will instantly create even more light and provide an almost magical effect. Another trick is to place a mirror exactly opposite of a window, this doubles the natural light coming from the window and provides you with even more pleasant outdoor views. Mirrors expand walls and amplify light, two perfect solutions for tiny spaces. Some mirror products even come with lighting already built in, providing two functions in one.
Play around with a cluster of mirrors and hang them as you would a grouping of art. This type of grouping with mirrors as art pieces break up a space, so it is perfect for a wall with a bold color or busy wallpaper design. Check out the video below and catch some great ideas on how to make your home look much larger than it is!

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