Thursday, August 23, 2012

Showcase Your Treasures

If you are not someone who collects art or crystal figurines, but you are someone who can master any of Julia Child's recipes then embrace your passion and flaunt the tools of your trade with lighted pot racks. After spending countless hours researching pots and pans to add to your wedding registry they deserve to be showcased.
Shine the proper light on them with fixtures that not only act as spotlights for your glowing gravy pans, but that also hold them. Add a chandelier made of your favorite tools to your kitchen and relish in the shiny adornments as they hang over your kitchen island in all of their splendor. Available in both traditional and contemporary designs, there is sure to be one that is worthy of gracing your kitchen. Want to be creative? Build your own pot rack and add some designer pendant lights to the mix to make something perfect for the space your are envisioning. Watch the video below and learn how!

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