Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VIP Closet Space

Your closet is very likely the most overlooked space in your home. Sprucing up your closet with lighting to transform it into a VIP dressing room can easily be done with the right accessories. Closets are generally spaces that you want a sense of calm and privacy to overtake you. For a woman's closet, a miniature chandelier to illuminate over a pile of favorite stilettos can bring much needed charm. For a gentleman's closet, a sleek lighting fixture with handsome accents can bring much needed extra light into the room to properly relish the view in the mirror.
Easy accessories, along with proper storage, can not only illuminate a space that is generally dark and uninviting but transform it into a place of serenity and comfort. Gather your thoughts and cuff links in a room that boasts your sense of self. Under the counter lighting can easily be used to illuminate shelves or simply to spotlight your favorite works of art....your shoes.

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