Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All That Glitters

All that glitters in your home....can be Swarovski. Architectural lighting from Swarvovski provides a dazzling effect to any space. Playful settings combined with the well-known glimmering crystals adds more than just atmosphere, it provides lighting solutions like no other. With fixtures that are sure to have your soul brimming with delight, not only are they beautiful but energy efficient as well. The lighting fixture below, made to highlight an island, just begs to be pondered over as a work of art while your guest sip on champagne.
Timeless fixtures with architectural bones are smart investments that not only stand the test of time but will help you save on your energy bill. Not only are they available in the cool sophisticated style seen above, but also in styles that meld earthy textures with the dazzle that Swarvoiski is famous for. They are simply superb!So have your cake and eat it too with Swarovski energy efficient lights. 

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