Monday, July 16, 2012

Layering Light

Layering is not just for your wardrobe anymore. Layering lighting is a technique used when designing lighting. There are four layers of lighting to build a functionally lit area. The first layer is the most important. The ambient layer creates the general overhead lighting in a room. The second layer is the task layer. This type of lighting includes your under the counter lighting and island lights. The third layer is the focal layer. Spotlighting draws your eye to specific areas in the room, such as art or architectural design. The final layer is  purely decorative. This type of lighting is generally a piece of art in itself, used to bring some of your charm and style into the room.
Sound expensive? Try to find one multi-layering piece that performs more than one of these functions. Some ceiling fixtures easily can provide the ambient layer along with the decorative touch. Find the lighting fixtures that fit your design best and layer your lighting to enhance your overall decor.    

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