Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Glitz and Glamour

Chandeliers encompass the lifestyle that many dream for. Elegant with its glittering pendants that seem more like diamonds than elements of a lighting fixture, they are made to be the backdrop of any black tie event. Classic chandeliers are tiered and are generally seen in the classic shape as pictured below.
There is no doubt that classic chandeliers are divine and if you have the ceiling height to place this piece of art in your foyer, what are you waiting for? Yet if you find yourself lacking the proper space and place in the world to warrant this fixture, other chandeliers that are just as easy on the eyes are available. Modern with a retro flair, square designed chandeliers add sophistication and style to any home. Available for less than $1000 the lighting fixture below is by no means a lesser addition to your home. Dazzling with its clean lines, this modern contempo fixture would complement any space. 

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