Monday, July 30, 2012

Channeling Your Inner Victorian Decorator

After reading a Jane Austen book it is normal to want to bring that posh flair into your home. Frilly and elegant, Victorian decor is known for its opulence and formality. Ornate decorations and heavy staging of a room were very typical of this time. Bare rooms were unheard of and inappropriate for guests to spend time in. Temper this opulent style by mixing your more modern furnishing with lighting perfectly aligned with the Victorian style you are looking for. Watch the video to learn more about this type of decor. 

Torch lamps are floor lamps that can easily be added to any room. Antique brass and Tiffany glass details provide the ornate touches that will instantly transform your den into an elegant Victorian sitting room. Place some emphasis on the details and find the Victorian look you have been searching for. 

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