Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stop Stumbling Around In The Dark

We all enjoy our gardens and backyards. Having spent plenty of time toiling around with soil and the perfect flowers, the need to enjoy it should not be limited to the daytime. After a long day of work, enjoying a glass of wine while enjoying the fruits of your labor should be possible. Illuminate your yard and enjoy the coolest time of these long summer days...evening. Path lights are an understated way to give your backyard a subtle glow. Available in styles from traditional to contemporary to quirky, finding the perfect style to place along a path or to bask your favorite stems in a warm glow is a simple, yet high impact addition to your home.

Landscape lighting is also available with green, energy saving options such as solar and low voltage. Create a  stunning landscape that can be enjoyed during the day and night. Watch the video below from HGTV and learn some easy tricks on how and where to install landscape lighting.

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