Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art is Better When You Can See It

Art is a representation of yourself and therefore needs to be presented in its full glory. Stop allowing your home to cast shadows on your newest nephew's picture and making it difficult to differentiate baby Johnny from Grandma Jane. Showcase your special collections and memories with their own picture lighting. Discreet and not distracting from the beauty of your art, this illumination allows for the full impact of the wonderful saturation of color that your art and memory deserves. They are available in different designs to blend in with your home decor and have different bulbs which are specific to the type of art being illuminated. Some hints on choosing the correct lighting are below:

  • Oil paintings look best with a broad-based light source due to the glare they can create
  • Acrylic paintings can be used with most lights as they are not glossy
  • When in doubt add a protective panel of non-reflective glass to showcase in the right light

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