Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cottage Style Decorating

Cottage style decor is known for its charming and cozy feel. It is personal and forgiving and can work on any budget.With its simplicity and play on color, cottage style decor is easy to complete using existing pieces from your home. To enhance the shabby chic look in your home, simply recycle old pieces with some paint. Amp up the room with some useful accessories, find a unique table lamp to add a warm and charming glow to the room. 
Calming pastels and vivid floral designs on throw pillows add to the vintage feel while the mix of old and new help pull together the look you are looking for. This very American type of decoration forgoes very formal elements in a room and instead focuses on comfort. Find out more on how to turn your living space into a delightful cottage with the following video from HGTV. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Channeling Your Inner Victorian Decorator

After reading a Jane Austen book it is normal to want to bring that posh flair into your home. Frilly and elegant, Victorian decor is known for its opulence and formality. Ornate decorations and heavy staging of a room were very typical of this time. Bare rooms were unheard of and inappropriate for guests to spend time in. Temper this opulent style by mixing your more modern furnishing with lighting perfectly aligned with the Victorian style you are looking for. Watch the video to learn more about this type of decor. 

Torch lamps are floor lamps that can easily be added to any room. Antique brass and Tiffany glass details provide the ornate touches that will instantly transform your den into an elegant Victorian sitting room. Place some emphasis on the details and find the Victorian look you have been searching for. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bringing Back the Arc Lamp

The arc lamp was a popular fixture brought to light in the 1960's. Shiny and bulbous they were seen placed behind living room sofas and were often placed in a corner to provide light in the middle of a room. The arc lamp was a way to forgo having to install a ceiling fixture in the room and provide direct light to an area. These retro, yet modern looking lamps are back in demand and once again bring a wonderful contemporary look to your room. This work of art which doubles as a modern floor lamp is the perfect centerpiece for any room. With its gracious curves and timeless design it deserves to have your full attention again. Dust off the one in the attic or go shopping for a new one with the same style you love but with the energy efficient technology you prefer.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Make a Statement

Make a statement with  unique fixtures that draw attention to your favorite piece of furniture or area of a room. The simple addition of an eye catching fixture can convert your living room from average to stunning. Add an extra touch of luxury or show off your contemporary flair with a piece that is far from ordinary.
A unique way to draw attention without being overly flamboyant is by mixing the old with new. When contemporary and classic designs meet a unified and eye popping space is created. Add some industrial looking lights to juxtapose your country kitchen or add some retro inspired pendant light over your distressed wood kitchen island. Mix it up and see what works for you.  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Make a Splash

Is the summer heat starting to make you feel a bit wilted? Freshen up your home with coastal inspired designs. Sail away to a cooler place with beach inspired decorations. Convert your bathroom into a seaside retreat with soothing shades of turquoise and white. Relish in the soft glow of a resort like fixture dangling over your private pool...the bath tub.
Get inspired with simple accessories that will bring a taste of seaside living to your home. Adding something as simple as a few seashells or some lush towels in calming hues can drastically change the whole look of your bathroom. Upgrade your tired bathroom to an elegant sanctuary by the sea and find yourself enjoying the steamy weather. Watch the video below and get inspired!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Live in Art

Fine Art Lamps and fixtures are far more than just a way to illuminate your rooms; it is a representation of your self. Instead of merely choosing something because it does the job, enrich your surroundings with functional works of art. Wall sconces are small additions that not only provide ambient lighting, but are available in a multitude of styles to enlighten any room and taste. Whether you choose to emblazon your decor with Art Deco sconces or spread accents of shimmering crystals throughout your room, each personal touch collaborates to build your dream home. Watch the video below and discover some collections to add to your home.
With so many collections to choose from in a variety of classic and modern finishes you are sure to find a delightful piece for you home. Infuse your home with meticulous detail and discover that finishing touch you were missing. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Island Living in the Suburbs

Living in the tropics, barefoot and hair tousled by the warm breeze is a luxury not given to many. Making your own place resemble your favorite tropical hangout just got easier with Tommy Bahama. Maker of those colorful shirts that make you long for a vacation or at least a margarita, the designer also offers fixtures for your home. Find yourself in a yearlong tropical resort with a soft breeze tempting you to evoke the feelings of relaxation found when gazing over clear blue seas. With ornately detailed fan blades shaped like tropical leaves, these fans are a huge step towards creating the tropical oasis you desire.
Transform your existing room with easily found accessories and paint. Watch the video below to catch some great ideas on how to get started on your journey to the tropics!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All That Glitters

All that glitters in your home....can be Swarovski. Architectural lighting from Swarvovski provides a dazzling effect to any space. Playful settings combined with the well-known glimmering crystals adds more than just atmosphere, it provides lighting solutions like no other. With fixtures that are sure to have your soul brimming with delight, not only are they beautiful but energy efficient as well. The lighting fixture below, made to highlight an island, just begs to be pondered over as a work of art while your guest sip on champagne.
Timeless fixtures with architectural bones are smart investments that not only stand the test of time but will help you save on your energy bill. Not only are they available in the cool sophisticated style seen above, but also in styles that meld earthy textures with the dazzle that Swarvoiski is famous for. They are simply superb!So have your cake and eat it too with Swarovski energy efficient lights. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

VIP Closet Space

Your closet is very likely the most overlooked space in your home. Sprucing up your closet with lighting to transform it into a VIP dressing room can easily be done with the right accessories. Closets are generally spaces that you want a sense of calm and privacy to overtake you. For a woman's closet, a miniature chandelier to illuminate over a pile of favorite stilettos can bring much needed charm. For a gentleman's closet, a sleek lighting fixture with handsome accents can bring much needed extra light into the room to properly relish the view in the mirror.
Easy accessories, along with proper storage, can not only illuminate a space that is generally dark and uninviting but transform it into a place of serenity and comfort. Gather your thoughts and cuff links in a room that boasts your sense of self. Under the counter lighting can easily be used to illuminate shelves or simply to spotlight your favorite works of art....your shoes.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Layering Light

Layering is not just for your wardrobe anymore. Layering lighting is a technique used when designing lighting. There are four layers of lighting to build a functionally lit area. The first layer is the most important. The ambient layer creates the general overhead lighting in a room. The second layer is the task layer. This type of lighting includes your under the counter lighting and island lights. The third layer is the focal layer. Spotlighting draws your eye to specific areas in the room, such as art or architectural design. The final layer is  purely decorative. This type of lighting is generally a piece of art in itself, used to bring some of your charm and style into the room.
Sound expensive? Try to find one multi-layering piece that performs more than one of these functions. Some ceiling fixtures easily can provide the ambient layer along with the decorative touch. Find the lighting fixtures that fit your design best and layer your lighting to enhance your overall decor.    

Friday, July 13, 2012

Fuse Efficiency with Design

Green lighting does not give off a broccoli hue. Green lighting comes from the use of energy efficient bulbs. Energy efficient bulbs, such as compact fluorescent lights, are a great way to cut back on your energy bill. Many lighting fixtures are now available with the hardware to use these types of green bulbs. Traditional and modern lighting fixtures are available with the energy efficient hardware to save you money and contribute to your overall green lifestyle. Emerging technologies will continue to make lighting more efficient and affordable in the future, therefore staying on top of new products will definitely aid you in the long run.
Fuse efficiency with fun design and find yourself with a home that will be easy on your pockets and eyes. Modern designs, such as the lighting fixture below, are energy efficient without compromising your style. Now if only they could do this with cars...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Island Lights

Island lights conjure images of tiki torches and paper lanterns surrounding a roasting pig, yet this is not the type of island lights on topic today. Island lights highlight your kitchen island. Kitchen islands are the epicenter of the kitchen, a place for your family to come together and also the additional counter space that is usually taken up by keys and backpacks. So show off those gorgeous highlights emitted from that granite slab you spent so much time searching for with the proper lighting.
Easy to install, though it is recommended to have an electrician handy, these lights are perfect to help you stage the perfect kitchen. Watch the video below and catch some great ideas on kitchen island designs! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Glitz and Glamour

Chandeliers encompass the lifestyle that many dream for. Elegant with its glittering pendants that seem more like diamonds than elements of a lighting fixture, they are made to be the backdrop of any black tie event. Classic chandeliers are tiered and are generally seen in the classic shape as pictured below.
There is no doubt that classic chandeliers are divine and if you have the ceiling height to place this piece of art in your foyer, what are you waiting for? Yet if you find yourself lacking the proper space and place in the world to warrant this fixture, other chandeliers that are just as easy on the eyes are available. Modern with a retro flair, square designed chandeliers add sophistication and style to any home. Available for less than $1000 the lighting fixture below is by no means a lesser addition to your home. Dazzling with its clean lines, this modern contempo fixture would complement any space. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Modern Look with a Retro Feel

Modern lighting in your home should not have to stifle your style. Modern lighting can be a bit too streamlined and cold for some homes. New products offer the green energy and convenience you are accustomed to but with a retro twist. Bulbous and bright these retro light fixtures are divine. Available as pendants, they can simply be hung over your kitchen island or anywhere you would like to add some strong design elements to.
Adding a smoky, retro bulb to your design will keep your home looking modern and hip. These retro bulbs are available in a plethora of colors and shapes. The Moroccan inspired shape of the light featured above is hand blown by Italian artisans and is the perfect dramatic backdrop and conversation piece for your space. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Browsing The Sales Racks

Finding a great deal on something you had no idea you desperately needed can make anyone's day. This new object of your affection is now your muse for a whole new look or the perfect addition to your already lovely home. Stumbling upon your newest heart's desire can only happen if you keep your out for blowout deals and sales that could very possibly have that pendant light you have had your eye on for a while. Knowing when your favorite stores put out those great deals can be imminent to finding that sweet fixture you have wanted to snag. So what are you waiting for check out your favorite store's sale items, you might just find something that will make your day!

Lighting For Your Dinner Masterpieces

After a long ten minutes of slaving over your frozen dinner and garnishing it with a sprig of parsley the realization hits you...it's all about presentation. Even if you do not have 12 foot ceilings to showcase a grand lighting fixture you can still mount a semi-flush ceiling light. Bask your dining room table in the proper light so that you can see the looks of gratitude on the faces of your guests as you plop down your famous boiled brussel sprouts. Available in different heights they can accommodate most ceilings and all come in a variety of styles to please even the most finicky of design divas. The only tool required to install a semi flush ceiling light is a screw driver, so check out the following video and set up a weekend project for yourself!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Spot On

Indoor spotlight products are directional lighting fixtures that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall to provide        specific highlighting to your favorite art piece or G.I. Joe collection. These adjustable fixtures are fairly easy to install with the help of a friend and come in different styles to either blend in with your current room scheme or to become a focal point themselves.
Different than recessed lighting, which is lighting where only the visible light is seen, indoor spotlights are available in modern finishes and designs you want to be able to see. They are available as single fixtures or in groups with a single connection to maximize the possible lighting. Groups of indoor spotlights also have the added benefit that each spotlight can be adjusted to illuminate a different area. Get an idea of how to install these fixtures with the DIY Network and impress your friends with your home improvement skills! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Light Your Foyer

When your guests enter your home into your foyer or front entrance you want them to be instantly welcomed  with a warm light. Foyer lighting is an essential lighting fixture that sets the initial feeling of your home. This perfect area for a statement piece is available in different designs to fit any ceiling height. For higher ceilings long lighting fixtures as elegant as a Murano glass lantern or as modern as a simple rectangular design in an atypical material can be used. For vertically challenged foyers, shorter lanterns are available to allow you to have the same grand entrance without compromising your forehead. Here is a quick video on some additional ideas on how to get the best look for your foyer!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Keeping Darkness at Bay

Post lamps have been used for hundreds of years to protect wanderers from tripping over something on a path and to keep potential robbers at bay. Nowadays we used this homage to a much more dangerous past to bask our lawns in a glow to showcase our lush landscaping. Used to line a sweeping driveway or just a couple to highlight specific areas around your home outdoor post lamps are a great way to welcome guests. Available in modern designs or in vintage cages, these charming additions bring both function and style to your outdoor area.